The newest technology
to ensure your family’s

WE ARE WEHELP! Over 500,000 people

Our aim is to keep poeple as safe as possible. WeHelp provides immediate aid to people in distress as well as the
comfort of having a 300K+ community of helpers just one click away form any distressing situation. WeHelp gives people the opportunity to
help and be helped at any time. Live freely and safely with us in your pocket.

For Consumers Personal Security App

  • Request help with a click of a button. Your emergency contacts, nearby helpers and PSAP’s will all be notified of your location and situation.
  • You may also indicate what situation you find yourself in to be able to notify the corresponding authorites.
  • A minute will automatically be recorded once you press the emergency button so we can analyze your situation further.
  • Not only will you be helped in any situation, you can also register to become a helper.
  • Connect WeHelp with other devices and apps to expedite and agilize an emergency response.

For Developers Full-service emergency response API

  • Connect and integrate WeHelp with just a few lines of code.
  • Helpful user data is dispatched to nearby and verified helpers.
  • Our 24/7 call centers stop more than 99% of false alarms.
  • Flexible pricing for stage companies with different needs.

For PSAPs & First Responders Capacitated PSAPs and first

  • Our 24/7 call centers stop more than 99% of false alarms before contacting the neraest PSAP.
  • Helpful client data such as audio, video and location is immediately dispatched to first responders.
  • Live communication is accessible as well as live location.
  • There are absolutely NO costs involved with setting up your PSAP.

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