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WeHelp builds a community with call centers and first
responders worldwide.

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Advanced Accuracy

When your PSAP receives an alert from WeHelp, we provide details such as username, alarm type, live location, health information, and more.

Reduce Fake Alarms

Our 24/7 call centers equipped with the latest technology and analytics stop more than 99% of false alarms.

Free Implementation

We will provide PSAP and first responders all infrastructure they need to get connected to WeHelps' system.

How it works

1. A WeHelp alert is created

An alert can be manually triggered by any WeHelp user through the application, or connected devices such as smart watches, or voice controlled devices. It may also be automatically initiated by any connected device that detects distress or danger, such as smoke detector sensors, heartrate monitors, and more.

2. Immediate Response

Once WeHelp receives the alert, we will immediately call or text the person in distress. If the user is inside your coverage zone we will instantly notify your PSAP so you can assist them effectively.

3. Aid and Rescue

Capacitated with the user’s, live location, profile, health information, video and audio (if used), your PSAP will be completely prepared to aid the user in distress.

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More Information for Further Prevention

WeHelp uses data and context from your profile, smart devices and apps to better understand the context of your situation to reduce risk, make faster and smarter decisions as well as provide exact locations to better aid the user in danger.

We dispatch live, real time information to PSAPs regardless of the equipment or system in their call centers or units. Emergency contacts and nearby helpers will also be notified to increase the amount of help the user receives. We’ve got you covered all the way!

Data Analysis to Increase Safety

We provide data analysis and insights that are beyond statistics, surveys and call data.

Heat Maps

We identify hot spots where there is concern for quality of life and an increase in danger.


WeHelp provides data that can be analyzed to understand and predict certain emergencies before they occur.


WeHelp provides detailed access to past alerts to analyze any user’s situation further and evaluate for future reference.


Our data lets you focus on certain areas to position responders strategically

Safety + Privacy

WeHelp will only use data that will help us keep users safe. Our users’ data and privacy will remain protected.

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Unity + Technology = Safety

WeHelp believes in uniting communities and public security agencies to better care for citizens.
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